Sunday, March 14, 2010

Running In Style

As some of you may know, the Los Angeles Marathon is this week, and my brother Max and my honorary brother Wesley are running in it. I am so proud of them, and the least I could do is make sure they finish in style with custom LoLA tank tops. It's less than a week away, and they are trying to raise money for cancer research in Southern California to honor important people in their lives who have lost their battles with cancer. Please go to and help spread the word! Love, LoLA. And don't fret, I have posted some pictures below. Good Luck Mashy and Wesley the Bestley!


  1. Kick ass. I lied on facebook. I'm checking you out tonight.
    p.s. Top marks if you guess who this is.

  2. I have serious love for you, but your profile page sucks.

  3. i would pay sooo much money for one of those shirts. get me one? i miss you and you are so creative and incredible.